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Fresh kimchi with all the right ingredients.

From a hobby in the kitchen to this online store, My Deelish Foods has been offering our customers with kimchi that goes beyond any store bought versions. Unlike most store bought kimchi with basic ingredients, we add more traditional ingredients that work together during the fermenting process to enhance each other and produce a much more complex flavour profile. At My Deelish Foods, we focus on providing freshly made, small batches of kimchi to our customers, so they can experience all stages in the kimchi's flavour profile. 


Why pre-order?

In order to provide customers with the freshest kimchi, our preordering system allows us to determine how much product to make. This will allow you to enjoy the kimchi through all the stages of fermentation.

What are the stages of fermentation?

The kimchi that will be delivered to you will be fresher, with more crunch and less tang. At this stage, it is perfect to eat as a snack or side dish. As the kimchi matures, it'll have more of a kick and the flavours will develop. At this time, it is perfect for cooking with in recipes such as stews, stir fries, and more!

What are the exact addresses for pick up?

The address of the pick-up points are shared in an email sent to you. The pick-up email arrives on the week of production. Please contact us if you'd like more details!

What are the payment options?

Visa, MasterCard, American Express and debit cards are accepted through our online payment system.