Welcome to My Deelish Foods, where we produce Loaded Kimchi. Our kimchi is made with 100% natural ingredients, no MSG and no preservatives! We believe in providing freshly made-to-order kimchi using only the best ingredients we can find. Why Loaded Kimchi? We use a traditional recipe which is loaded with ingredients, more than you would find in other store-bought kimchi.

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Simply put, kimchi is a fermented vegetable. The most common kimchi is made with napa cabbage and is usually found in big tubs at the grocery store or as a side dish at Korean restaurants. While people often refer to kimchi as "spicy sauerkraut", our kimchi is so much more than that. Through the combination of spicy Korean chilis, the saltiness and umami from the salted shrimp and fish sauce, and the tanginess that arises with the fermentation process, an unmistakably unique flavour is created. Kimchi can be enjoyed on its own as a snack, as an accompaniment, and as the main ingredient in many dishes, making it extremely versatile.


Fresh kimchi with all the right ingredients.

From a hobby in the kitchen to this online store, My Deelish Foods has been offering our customers with kimchi that goes beyond any store bought versions. Unlike most store bought kimchi with basic ingredients, we add more traditional ingredients that work together during the fermenting process to enhance each other and produce a much more complex flavour profile. At My Deelish Foods, we focus on providing freshly made, small batches of kimchi to our customers, so they can experience all stages in the kimchi's flavour profile. 

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